Environmental linkages and causalities must be understood by the general public and policymakers. Knowledge limited to academic publications is of limited relevance. CEDAR aims to popularize knowledge and further the understanding of Himalayan systems.
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It's time from climate inaction to climate action.

In a time, when young activists are talking about climate inaction. Let's also talk about climate action and what young minds can do. CEDAR presents climate design competition to develop climate-adaptive strategies for rainwater harvesting systems applied as urban design at public places or buildings in Mussoorie.

Climate Change has considerable impacts on water resources. With various temperature and precipitation, many cities are under threat of water insecurity. Mussoorie, being a Himalayan tourist destination, is going through a seasonal water crisis. To adapt to rising climate concerns new strategies need to be developed. CEDAR under IDRC Canada funded project CAMPS in collaboration with its partners has been investigating the fundamental drivers of urban water insecurity in Himalaya and its critical urban water zones to model “climate adaptive and equitable water management practices and strategies.” Under this initiative, we present the competition to propagate climate knowledge and adaptive measures.

Evolving climate adaptive designs for Water security in Mussoorie

Changing climate and urbanization has put a lot of stress on urban water security. Mussoorie, once a quaint town now bustles with tourists. The tourism industry is indeed a boon to the city which is the primary source of income for the majority of the residents in this city. But the growth of the town has a catch, and that is water! High tourist influx and a changing climate have led to a deficiency in water requirement of the residents primarily in the months of summer when both demand and tourist population is at its highest.
The pertinent question that comes is how we can as designers and planners help in augmenting the water requirement through our expertise and knowledge?
It is in this light CEDAR invites design ideas for climate adaptive rainwater harvesting strategies concerning the public places in Mussoorie.

Design Brief

Ideas, drawings, and details are required for this submission. Students can take any public building fountain public toilets or commercial / tourist Complexes to demonstrate their strategy. For example, in front of the Fountain, Public restrooms, commercial complexes, public buildingsand other public placesin Mussoorie.   Read More...

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